Pisces with Pisces the happiest on the planet or the most miserable?

Pisces with Pisces the happiest on the planet or the most miserable?

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Pisces-Pisces compatibility can be perfect, idyllic, or dire and disturbing. I'm going to give you 13 reasons why this could be perfect or it could be a failure:

1- In principle, the compatibility between the two is enormous. A symbiosis between the two is established and a very great telepathy, which greatly facilitates the couple's relationship and coexistence.

2- Together they can assemble "their sky". Their home will be the paradise in which they will feel totally happy. They will decorate it to the liking of both and everything that one buys, the other will find it fine.

3- Between two balanced Pisces, is established almost instantly a great complicity, friendship and fusion of souls out of the ordinary.

4- Professionally, little will need to be explained, because the two will look for the same and they will want to get there in the same way. They will be the envy of all if they are at the same point of evolution.

5- Luck will be if you have your feet on the ground and instead the other lives far from reality, in his world of illusions and fantasies. Because the understanding Pisces will pull the rope and ground.

6- The problem It will come if the two of you they build their world of fantasy and unrealityThey are doomed to failure, because sooner and later they will fall and neither of them will be prepared to stop the blow and they will not know how to face the problems.

7- Two Pisces together could save the planet, because they are so considerate and sensitive to the problems of others that they would invent something to be able to solve people's problems and save them from the unscrupulous.

8- Pisces are sometimes weak and they often take refuge in alcohol and drugs. If that happens, everything will depend on whether only one falls or if both fall. If only one has the problem, the other will not stop until he gets out of there with all his might. If both of them fall, they will die happily in misery.

9- A Pisces is happier and brings out the best in himself, with a sign stronger than them, of Earth or Fire. Someone who can pull them up and force them to put their feet on the ground and assume their responsibilities.

10- The best would be two balanced Pisces, but as brothers or friends, because they work better than as a marriage.

11- Sex between a Pisces couple is beastly. Together they can plunge into the depths and lose track of reality. Get lost in their world and you will understand that you did not know anything.

12- Holidays for them are a surprise. They are capable of going on an adventure for a month, without a fixed route or reservations… Let's see what comes out and where luck takes them… They are capable of starting in Cádiz and ending in Sebastopol.

13- Enigmas and mysteries attract them on way. If you want to win her over, send her flowers, give her gifts, invite her to dinner, fill her bath with flower petals and candles, have a chilled bottle of champagne ready… and she will do the rest.

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