Flying via another country may be cheaper than going by train to the next town

Flying via another country may be cheaper than going by train to the next town

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Jordon Cox, an 18-year-old English blogger, has become famous for traveling from Sheffield to Essex by plane via Berlin because it was cheaper than buying a direct train ticket between the two towns in England. So… why not take a tour of Berlin and visit the city in passing?

His feat, described in his blog on the website, has
revealed a fairly common large inconsistency: the
international flights with some low-cost companies can arrive
to be cheaper than a train between two nearby towns

In addition to the negative effects that your trip has on the environment, saving is not much (just about 10 euros) and the number of hours of travel increases considerably, having to travel an extra 1,637 km, so his is not an option at all recommended if what we really want is to go from Sheffield to Essex, but if we have the possibility to be flexible with the arrows we could take advantage of the trip and see it as a way to visit some distant place, in this case, Berlin.

That is precisely the approach he followed:

“I know that flying is not very ecological and I will not do this every time I travel, however, it was the cheapest way to get home and I took the opportunity to enjoy a 'free' mini-vacation in a city that I had always wanted visit, ”he wrote.

Cox tried to buy a cheap train ticket from Sheffield to return home to Essex, but the cheapest one-way ticket was £ 47 (about € 62), so he started researching other options and found that flying from the East Midlands airport to Berlin, spending 7 hours exploring the German city and then returning to Stansted airport and from there returning by bus home was cheaper. Not only that, you could buy a round-trip train ticket to the center of Berlin, enjoy a free visit to a government building and eat there, and still save money. Specifically, 7.72 pounds (about 10 euros) in savings.

Jordon Cox in Berlin

Other similar examples (prices may vary depending on the dates):

  • From Glasgow to London: Direct flights with Ryanair: 10 pounds / Train: 30 pounds.
  • London to Newcastle: Ryanair flights via Dublin: £ 18 / Train: £ 29.
  • Liverpool to London: Ryanair flights via Oslo: 18 pounds / Train: 21 pounds.

Remember to also take into account the cost of travel to airports.

Obviously, this system is not valid for everyone, since it would take a whole day or two (depending on the combinations of planes) to reach our destination, but according to Cox, if we are not in a hurry, we want to save money and we want to take a tour of some European city, it is worth looking for a combination like this.

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