Kabia Restaurant (Zumárraga)

Kabia Restaurant (Zumárraga)

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In Zumárraga, the Kabia Restaurant is making an era under the guidance of Juanma Hurtado, a convinced practitioner of signature cuisine, in its three rooms (large, small and private) with modern and attractive decoration. Juanma Hurtado rooted his first steps in the Akelarre Restaurant in Donostia.

Seasonal cuisine for each season with a menu that adjusts to the best products of each season of the year. Carry out at home by giving the dishes a creative touch but always respecting the flavor of the product. From its roots there are sublime dishes such as Tripe in the style of amona.

Very good value for money, which is another of its attractions.

Google Maps address and phone
Legazpi, 5. (20700 Zumárraga) 54 km from Donostia-San Sebastian. Tel: 943 726 274.
Chef: Juanma Hurtado

Menu / Recommended dishes

Grilled veal snout salad with goat cheese and apple soup. Lightly smoked sea bass with pods cooked at a low temperature. Glazed beef tongue, grilled foie gras and cream of potato. Baked cream of rice benere with ginger ice cream. Menu. Tasting menu.

Other data of interest: Closed on Tuesdays, evenings from Sunday to Thursday, August, Easter and ten days in January.
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