European Trade Association for Nanotechnology

European Trade Association for Nanotechnology

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The European Nanotechnology Institute has announced its intention to create a European Trade Association for Nanotechnology. It will be called the “European Nanotechnology Trade Association” (ENTA).

Among the objectives of this new association are communication with public administrations, promoting coordination between the nanotechnology sector, politicians and the scientific community to contribute to the development of new safe and responsible nanotechnologies (see definition of responsible nanotechnology).

According to a statement released by Cordis “ENTA will work closely with the media and public bodies to make known the points of view and needs of the sector (with regard to legislation, regulations and standard operating procedures) and create strong relationships with NGOs and the public to ensure the commitment of the entire community ”.

The objectives of the new European Nanotechnology Association will be:

  • Provide favorable conditions for increased investment and greater coordination of research and development (R&D) activities
  • Developing competitive infrastructures worldwide
  • Promote the education and interdisciplinary training of researchers, emphasizing a business approach
  • Respecting ethical principles, integrating social concerns in the early stages of R&D and promoting debate and dialogue with citizens

ENTA will be officially launched in June.

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