Microsoft launches bid for Yahoo

Microsoft launches bid for Yahoo

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Microsoft has launched an offer worth $ 44.6bn to buy Yahoo. If the operation is successful, there would finally be a real force to challenge Google's monopoly on the Internet advertising market.

Microsoft, which was late to the online advertising market and has had serious problems competing with Google, offers shareholders $ 31 per share, which is a price per share 62% higher than the price of Yahoo's stock yesterday at the close of the Nasdaq. The purchase, upon completion, would be one of the largest dot-com acquisitions since the AOL-Time Warner merger that took place a few years ago during the industry boom.

The news has encouraged European stocks, and Wall Street is expected to react favorably throughout the day.

Microsoft's offer comes at a difficult time for Yahoo, and for this reason many analysts believe that this time perhaps it will have more luck than in previous times when Bill Gates' empire has tried to approach Yahoo that a few days ago announced a reduction of 24% in its benefits during the last four months of 2007 that has led to the dismissal of more than 1000 employees.

In the words of Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, written in a letter to the directors of Yahoo and duplicated today by the North American and Anglo-Saxon press, “We have great respect for Yahoo and together we can offer an increasingly interesting set of solutions for consumers, websites and advertisers and position ourselves to better compete in the online advertising market…. Today this market is dominated by one player. Together, Microsoft and Yahoo can offer a competitive option that better meets the needs of customers and partners. " Ballmer also claims that a merger would allow them to develop a single search engine and a single advertising platform.

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