Video: homemade fixes

Video: homemade fixes

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Another video of homemade DIY, rather of homemade "fixes" collected in the program Spain direct of TVE.

This is the order of appearance in the TVE Home DIY Video (with things in the middle that are not relevant, including the video of the little ones to bed: "Good night see you tomorrow"):

1. The talc is applied to the grooves of the wooden floor.
2. Stains on parquet with an eraser: removes stains from shoes and damage to heels and other footwear.
3. Holes in the wood repaired with coffee. Coffee is applied in the holes with a dry paste. For doors, windows ...
4, Water-soaked breadcrumbs to fix chairs or tables that do not stay fixed (dance).

Video Apaños Caseros (TVE):

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