Ramón Roteta Restaurant (Hondarribia)

Ramón Roteta Restaurant (Hondarribia)

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A classic consolidated by its good work. From a very cozy terrace overlooking the Bidasoa ...

Classic and elegant dining room, classic cuisine ... with excellent dishes and a product of the highest quality that recognizes in Ramón Roteta's good work a successful loyalty. Its tradition in the kitchen is not without innovation in its dishes.

From his teaching there are jewels such as his rice with vegetables a la marinera, the loin of monkfish roasted with barnacle sauce and his farmhouse eggs poached with truffle and foie sauce. Don't forget, however, your artisan cheeses. For dessert, white chocolate gelatin cream.

Extensive wine list very outstanding and a service delivered to the client.

Google Maps address and phone
Irún Kalea, 1 - Villa Ainara (20280 Hondarribia) 19 km from Donostia-San Sebastián.
Tel: 943 641 693.
Chef: Ramon Roteta

Menu / Recommended dishes

Ravioli stuffed with seasonal mushrooms. Monkfish in barnacle sauce and zucchini noodles. Roast duck breast with dried apricots and port sauce. Idiazábal cheese cream with crunchy slices and honey. Tasting menu. Menu "Ainara".

Other data of interest: Closed Sunday night, Tuesday and February.
Ramón Roteta Restaurant rating in gastronomy guides
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- stars7.20- Suns

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