EasyJet complaints

EasyJet complaints

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Some cheap flight companies are beginning to receive massive complaints about certain abusive policies that they practice with their customers. We have witnessed one of these practices by the EasyJet company at Bristol Airport (United Kingdom). It is useless or of little use to process complaints to EasyJet.

EasyJet and its policy for minors and refund of the flight cost

We advise you to carefully read the conditions and “fine print” of the EasyJet company web pages. Imagine, for example (it is a real case), that a family has purchased an electronic ticket for four children, two of them over 16 years old and one of them with thirteen years and ten months. On the outward journey they all traveled together (Alicante - Bristol flight) with their respective passports without any problem. On the return trip (Bristol - Alicante) the two over 16s had to advance their flight.

A boy of fourteen (almost fifteen) and the other one of thirteen and ten months remained to make the Bristol - Alicante flight. They easily load their luggage at the counter (there the company staff sees their passports and their ages, without question). Nor does the airport staff put any hits when passing their control. At the easyjet boarding gate, children are warned that one of them cannot board the plane because he is under fourteen years of age (he had two months to go) and is not accompanied by a 16-year-old (he was accompanied by one of 15, that I could fly alone, but that I did not have the power to “accompany”). Miraculously a part of his family was in the UK and at the airport at the time.

Until reaching the door of the plane, neither the child nor the family were warned of the policy of the EasyJet company (the only one in the United Kingdom that practices it) of the obligation to be accompanied by a person over 16 years of age. Of course, the parents offered the company to sign any kind of authorization for the minor to travel.

Complaints to Easyjet: abusive policies?

Apart from not giving any solution (we wonder what would have happened if the family had not been at the airport (there are many English programs run by academies, schools, etc.). The children are separated, the one of almost fifteen is allowed to travel years and the almost 14-year-old stays in Bristol.

The complaints don't stop there. Easyjet does not return the money for the ticket, although it is the company and its regulations (never warned to the customer) that prevent the child from flying.

Once the complaints were processed with the EasyJet staff at Bristol airport, they limited themselves to agreeing with the client, stating - we were witnesses - that they themselves (their staff) consider this policy unfair.

Advice: read the conditions carefully before buying your ticket online. Some passenger rights may be restricted by company policy.

If you have had any problems or other complaints with the easyjet company, please leave us a "comment" on this blog.

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