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Dog 2020

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The year of the Yin Wood Goat, starts on February 19. For the Dogs it will be a year of challenges. It will be a very changing year, with ups and downs, unforeseen events and scares. They will have to constantly improvise, which will put them in a bad mood. It will create instability and force you to be alert. The positive of the year will be your private life, which will turn out to be very rewarding and that will balance the balance.

The first tip of the year is to be clear that the year will be changeable and that they will have to constantly change plans. If that is clear to them, they don't care and they live prepared to make it through all this ... They can save the year well. If they do not accept it and become nervous, they will become distressed and blocked. It would be a shame. In bad weather you always have to put on a good face and change your rhythm, with the best smile.

At job they are going to experience changes. They are going to change their jobs and they are going to have new responsibilities and they are going to delve into new topics for you that will allow them to gain more experience. If you concentrate and take it well, with patience it will be positive for you. Do not resist the changes, because it will negatively affect you.

Dogs that want to change job or who are looking for work, they will be able to do it without problem and they will do very well in their new jobs. It is just a question of courage and wanting to innovate in your life, to know another sector. The best times to change companies will be: April, July, August and October.

This year they will probably move to another house or city. They are going to make a move that will take their whole family away. They will have to work hard on their new house and they will all have to collaborate to fix, organize and settle. This can bring them closer together. It is a year to work as a team and you have yours at home.

Economically they have to be careful with the expenses, because they are going to have a lot of unforeseen expenses. The move and everything that it entails is already going to be a significant outlay. Watch out. Make a good supply of funds.

This year they will enjoy with their hobbies and their activities. They will be very active, surely they will resume activities that they had put aside and now they will take them again with more enthusiasm. Take care of your health. If they lead a life that is too sedentary, they won't feel good. Don't forget to exercise, to balance your life.

In general the year of the Yin Wood Goat It will be a very busy and changing year. Prepare to move house, with all the hustle and bustle that goes with it. Your relationships and friends will be very present and helpful. At work, all this movement will be favorable to you and the changes you make will be positive. Be careful with the expenses.

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