Vitoria-Gasteiz. Somewhere to eat

Vitoria-Gasteiz. Somewhere to eat

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After visiting the historic center of Vitoria-Gasteiz, if you go down towards the Virgen Blanca, the tourist center of the city, you have to go through the Plaza del Machete. It is called Plaza del Machete because, according to what they say, there and on the side of the Church there was a niche or niche where there was a wooden machete before which the lords of Vitoria took an oath of allegiance to the people after having taken the religious oath in inside the temple. It seems that for a time in this square the executions of prisoners sentenced to death were also carried out. Well, at present the square is an open and clear space where there are two restaurants worthy of mention. The façade of one of them, El “Cru”, is made of stone with a small door and windows and with a minimalist decoration, intimate spaces and a not very extensive but exquisite menu that make it very appropriate to enjoy a dinner in good company . The other restaurant is a steakhouse, the "Asador Matxete", although it has little of a steakhouse. There they offer a tuna belly that is to die for. They also offer, being early summer, prawns, but not sea prawns but some Ibarra peppers, green, small, fried and very tasty, which in these latitudes they call prawns. I asked for them once, but was surprised that they sting like hell. I did not realize that when I had eaten them in a Basque restaurant in my land, at the beginning of June and I liked them so much, they had warned me that only in thehe first harvests harvested were sweet peppers. After that they were almost all spicy.
Vitoria-Gasteiz, like the entire Basque Country, is famous for its gastronomy, but especially for its pinchos. Here is the place where they say they make the best pinchos in Spain, the Sagartoki. Bar-Restaurant located on Calle del Prado and which has been awarded many times in the gastronomic competitions in which it has participated, according to the framed newspaper clippings that are exposed in the premises. The most awarded and therefore most famous skewer of all those They offer is the fried egg skewer with potatoes. It is outstanding. It has the appearance of a yellow, square pancake, somewhat bulky and you have to eat it in one bite, being careful not to burn your tongue because it can be too hot. The flavor is total. It is made by frying a quail egg wrapped in a bed of potato. You should also try the vegetable or seafood tempuras or any of the skewers that are displayed on the bar counter. All the pinchos must be accompanied, of course, with a delicious Rioja Alavesa wine.
These places are just one example, because if you ask a local where you can eat well, he will answer you like a friend of mine who I asked him did: Anywhere in the city where you go to eat, you will eat well. Insurance.

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