Gemini February 2013

Gemini February 2013

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Gemini February 2013

Horoscope of the month of the sign of Gemini:
February 2013

Best days for Gemini in February: 9,10,18,19,27
Most stressful days for Geminis in February: 5,11,12,25,26

Better days for him love
February: 18,19,21,27

Better days for him money and Geminiin February: 11,18,20,22,25
Better days for him job and Gemini in February: 2,7,11,12,20,21

is the most important thing this month. Most have a permanent partner, from the 18th
you will already have clarity of ideas to make decisions. the passage of
your relationship, but from the 5th, be patient with your loved ones.

From the 18th, an excellent period to launch ideas and projects. Excellent
time for your job: promotion, salary increase ... If you have to negotiate with
their bosses or doing business, better days: 7,11, 19,20,21.

excellent energy and health until the 18th, but take it easy after
That date. You have too strong a work rhythm. Rest, relax and do

from the 18th, well in your social life and your personal sector. Will have the power to
create whatever you want in your life. It will become more independent every day. Will go in
search for happiness. Very good relationship and very active with her friends.

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