11-M: pending issues

11-M: pending issues

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March 11, 2004: 191 dead and more than 1,500 injured

Today is an anniversary where Spanish society was torn by pain and despair. It will be an anniversary that will be of little use to bring it to mind if our society does not resolve the “pending issues”.

11-M: pending issues

1- The circumstances that generated such a terrible aggression are still in force in the international order. The nations have not been able to progress in understanding, dialogue, respect ... that prevent radicalism, sectarianism, misunderstanding, terrorism from progressing.

2- Rather the opposite, we are in an international environment where the situation in Iraq has become more unsustainable and unpredictable (a civil war is predicted), Iran is committed to a nuclear program, Palestine supports and votes mostly the most radical sectors, the Islamic world is mobilizing against the West over cartoons, promoting anger and resentment towards Western countries.

3-Western countries violate their own civil rights when combating terrorism (prison abuses, illegal detentions ...) favoring for the authors and promoters of Islamic terrorism a legitimation of the terrorist actions themselves.

4-The "globalization" of the phenomenon of terrorism is not being attacked from the global perspective of cooperation of potentially affected countries, fostering division and little political coordination.

5- In Spain, terrorism is the object of party political instrumentation and manipulation when its treatment as a matter of State is urgent.

6- The Government of the United States owes a debt to Spain, a country that has suffered, together with the people of the United States, the greatest attack by Islamic terrorism. No US president has paid public tribute to the victims of 11-M in Spain. 7. A society that is capable of instrumentalizing terrorism undermines its ethical foundations, its own bases of coexistence, the defense of its rights and with this engenders the foundations of its weakness and lack of answers.

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