Winners of the 4 categories of Halloween costumes

Winners of the 4 categories of Halloween costumes

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Thank you all for participating! We leave you the winners of the 4 most common categories among those presented.

Choosing between the finalists has been a very complicated task, since the makeups were very successful. Thank you for your effort.

Our experts in aesthetics and hairdressing have selected the winners for the characterization accuracy and the quality of makeup presented, as well as clothing and clothing. They have also taken into account the opinion of our followers.

Mexican Catrina Category: Miry López Herrera

Skeleton Category: Zyanya Fragoso

Zombie Category: Michelle Fariña

Doll Category: Yajaira Javalera

Thank you for sharing your work with us and for the partial votes received. You are artists!

We will host the next contest soon and hope to see you there again.

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