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Arjona quotes

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For those romantics who are in love with life, Ricardo Arjona for many one of the best singer-songwriters of this time with his close and everyday lyrics with which we have all identified. Ricardo Arjona phrases.


  • I'm not really alone who told you that you left, if one is not where the body but where they miss it the most, and here you are missed so much.
  • What ideologies divide man, love with its threads unites them in his name.
  • You did not fall in love with me, but with you when you are with me.
  • If the universal visa extends the day we are born and expires in death, why are they chasing you wet, if the consul of heaven has already given you permission?
  • The wet, the undocumented carry the bulk that the legal would not carry or obligate.
  • Tell me no, and you'll have me thinking about you all day, looking for the strategy for a yes.
  • My loneliness is your revenge.
  • Minutes that enjoy dying, minutes that have no place, minutes that crash into me, they are kamikases of God.
  • Give me your dreams to make a headband. Give me the past so as not to take your time, that what is left over for me saves my life.
  • Take a kiss from me, put it where you want, give me a pretext to re-launch my life, give me what you want to give me, take away what you prefer.
  • Here is your clandestine to play hide and seek as a guerrilla lover.
  • When was the last time that love left you for not letting it go free.
  • The problem is not that you play, the problem is that it is with me.
  • Women, what you ask of us we can, if we cannot it does not exist, and if it does not exist we will invent it for you women.
  • Take off the lieutenant complex that love without freedom lasts as long as a sneeze.

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